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Are we too optimistic?

This week’s [June 6, 2011] Time magazine has an article entitled: The Optimism Bias. In the article it talks about the way our brains work to produce our optimism. This is a direct quote from the article
” Without a neural mechanism that generates unrealistic optimism all humans would be mildly depressed”. Well I say hallelujah, who wants to be depressed? Mildly or not, I am all for optimism! They say we are looking through “rose colored glasses”. It reminds me of a quote from the movie Corrina, Corrina. In the film Corrina’s father is an atheist. He is trying to explain to her that there is no Heaven. He tells her that that is just an idea people have invented to make themselves feel better..Her response “What’s the matter with that?’ Which I absolutely love! I would rather be an optimist than a pessimist, eight days a week. I always try to at least catch the highlights [and sometimes low lights] of the weekly magazines. Time, Newsweek, People. Just to try to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world. We offer a vast array of different magazines. So come check them out.
Posted by Estel.