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Are you Craving something wonderful?

I was just reading an article in the Chico Enterprise Record- It had to do with cravings, and it made me wonder.
Maybe its the season (Autumn)or the month of October.  The author of the article thought that maybe  cravings   come from boredom? I don’t think so
I think it’s the season:  Right now, I’ve been having a craving for pumpkin – I see a pumpkin, I just want to cut it up and cook it and eat it right out of it hard shell with lot of  honey- Of course the best thing to do is to make a pie, muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip bread or go to starbucks and have a pumpkin spice latte – the cravings are strong!!
For those of you that have pumpkin cravings at the Library :
American Harvest Cookbook:  641.65 M
Vegetable desserts :  641.86
Or –  just want to read a good book with you child:
“It’s pumpkin time” – by Z. Hall
Oh, my pumpkin pie-  by C. Ghigna
just to name a very few –
All you need  to do is come in to the Library,  if  your  having one of those  uncontrollable cravings for a good book – JUST DO IT!
Posted by : Margarita