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Baby, its cold outside

Brrrrr -Think about that the next time you receive a Poinsettia , Did you know that the Poinsettia is native to Mexico, they’re  used to their south of the border temperature. 
 Here’s a little history on our famous Christmas flower -It’s a rainbow child:  purple, white,orange, pink, most of us are used to seeing  red – It’s not a flower its red petals are Leaves and the yellow center is the flower. In Mexico the poinsettia grows as a tree “Flores de Noche Buena” (Flowers of the Good night)
This mexico native is a  U.S citizen named after U.S Ambassador to Mexico Joel Poinsett  in 1828, it also has its own Holiday Dec. 12th- National Poinsettia Day.
They are very sensitive, they make a bad cut flower the wilt as soon as they get in the vase. Be aware that the poinsettia is a very relusive- 12 hrs. of daylight and 12 hrs. of  pure darkness , blooms during winter’s short days.
So when you get that poinsettia keep to warm -don’t over water (root rot)Give it a pinch for luck (actually cut back some of the stems for good growth)
Contrary to popular belief, the poinsettia is not poisonous.
Sooo, don’t be shy and invite one into your home, they make wonderful eye candy.
Posted by: Margarita