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Carpenter Bees

The weather is just getting nice especially in the evenings .
Well, this last Tuesday evening I have a  3 butterfly brush in my backyard,  but I’m making them look more like trees.
Well, there they were a pack of huge black bees, they look just like Bumble bee minus the yellow stripe and hostile behavior . I found out that they are called Carpenter Bees – These bees I’ve read are friendlier and travel with their daughters and sisters , you can get up close to view and they just keep doing their job , they are considered important pollinators for garden flowers and vegetable flowers.
But the one thing  that people don’t like about them is that the drill holes  in wood which might  cause structural damage after many years ,but they like living in trees
The other thing I did find interesting about these bees was that the male of the species has no stinger, females have stingers – but are docile and rarely sting. Bee are a very important to our environment and there are many different kinds of  bee  which makes for some interesting research.
And right now the library it is a pretty cool place to visit.
Posted by: Margarita


  • Eric R.
    Posted June 27, 2011 8:17 am 0Likes

    Thanks for the info! I have seen these bees around our house this spring and was wondering about them since I don’t recall having ever seen them in Orland. And, yikes, I hope they don’t bore into our trees!

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