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Chico Concert and True Blood

Saw Jace Everett at Chico Women’s Club last night (opened for the Duhks), and very much enjoyed his performance, especially of “Bad Things” ( the theme song for the HBO hit True Blood.  Everett’s music has been described as “powerful, evocative, pure rock country” and he definitely lived up to it.                                                                                                                                                                    
So, are you asking yourself …what does this have to do with the library?!?!
Well,  True Blood is based on the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris about Sookie Stackhouse a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana whose life becomes a whole lot more interesting (and dangerous) when she falls in love with a vampire.  I resisted reading these books for quite a while despite how great everybody kept saying they were, the overabundance of vampires in popular literature right now had me burned out, but I’m glad I finally gave in and read them- they are the perfect blend of creepy, funny mysteries.  Interested?  Check them out at the library.  Already read them?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment. ~ Jody
Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 1)