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Coffee or Green Tea?

You know I’ve been a big coffee drinker for many year (since I was 17)
I mean  9 to 10 cups of coffee a day: a pot and half – 7 days a week- High Octane, always moving.  Over the years concerned citizens have told me to try Green tea.
Well for the past 2 to 3 yrs, I’ve been drinking green tea regularly – and there are some very good reasons to be drinking Green tea.
1.It  has Vitamin C  good for fighting off colds
2. Lowers cholesterol
3. protects the skin from aging
4. Helps with body weight lose: Boost metabolism
5. helps keep bones strong
6. Lowers blood sugar
7. Boost memory
8.  Reduces Stress: Coffee makes you very nervous
9. Kills bacteria:  dental disease
10. Prevents high blood pressure-Strokes
I personally feel a lot calmer and not so stressed –  Even though  I still have my coffee over the weekend -1 cup on Sat. and  1 cup on Sunday
Here at the Library we have a great  Books for someone who wants to learn more about  the different Green teas and benefits: “New tastes in Green Tea”-  641.637T and “Green tea”-641.637H
Green tea has been good to me ! If you want to try something different and healthy- Are you  feeling a little too hyper – Yelling at you friends- a bit out of control!
Give Green Tea a try!
Posted by: Margarita