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Eating Better for Less

Want to eat better and spend less money? Who doesn’t?
The Environmental Working Group brings you Good Food on a Tight Budget, a guide to eating healthy low-cost foods.
This report will help you figure out questions like: Which fruits and vegetables are best buys?  Which have the lowest amounts of pesticides?  Which cereals are the healthiest?  The guide has handy tips and great recipes too.
EWG also has a fascinating report on children’s cereal. Would you feed your child dessert for breakfast?  You might be surprised to learn that ounce for ounce some sugary cereals have more sugar than Twinkies or Chips Ahoy. Amazingly, some cereals, like Kellogg’s Honey Smacks,  are HALF sugar by weight. Other choices are healthier, and cheaper too.
If you want to eat better and spend less, this is a good place to start. Another great site for folks who are looking for budget recipes and do-it-yourself frugal living (canning, sewing, gardening) is The Prudent Homemaker.
Posted by Nancy, who keeps trying to be frugal and thrifty . . .