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How old is that cat in the kitchen?

You know I got up this morning to feed the animals and they were ready to have breakfast. I have cats –they are always hungry! My cats are like most cats they own the house,  I could  keep doing a blog on this subject for a very long time.  I’ve had cats in my life since I don’t know when and sometimes I have tamed them,(not alway the best idea) When I was young about 12-13 , I saw this very young Siamese , I really wanted her-very wild .
So, I tempted her with food and got her from the back of the neck , this was one of my early attempts at taming and I put my other hand near her face – to close  and she bite though my thumb nail.
What happened   I tamed her , she was one of many. One of many things that has intrigued me about Cats is their age , most people say 1ys =7yrs like dogs But cats are different: they say at 6 months =15 yrs, that mean that little Siamese was a wild teenager.
Different website have ages slightly different : 6 month=10yrs or 15yrs
1 yr=15yrs or 24
2yrs=24yrs or 28
And then after that every year you add 4yrs – so if you have a cat or two at Thirteen  – they are either 68 or 72 (I have a couple of Seniors)
So how old is your cat?
Posted by: Margarita