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How wise is your cat?

I just had a peek at a wonderful book we are adding to our library Collection.
 I’ve had cats in may life since I was 5 . Right now, I have  4 siblings two are 13 and the other two are 12 (yrs old) – I love my cats.
 Cats have such wonderful personalities, very mysteries and  very perceptive  – at least I think so. It’s interesting to hear them talk to each other ,that is when they think you not in the house – quick short meows, and you can see them gathering, and when they see you – they look at you and –ops! I got caught
The Wonderful book we just added is “Making rounds with Oscar” by David Dosa.
A must read for cat lovers,  caregivers and  everyone!
Oscar is a young adult cat, who live at a Rest Home –    He’s goes to certain patients rooms and he stay with the patient until the end. A very interesting read , his patients suffer from Alzheimer.
If you don’t own a cat you might think about adopting one (Town and Country Humane Society 865-3661-4111Co. Rd. 99W) They are very wonderful companions, they give and show lots of affection,  There are very compassionate – great for the heart!
And for a great read come into the Library and look for “Making rounds with Oscar” on our New book display shelf.
Posted by: Margarita