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Am I ready ?

Well, it’s here – The Sun! – and of course I’m not ready, usually I have my sunscreen and sun hats, but I can’t find them. I guess that something to do this weekend. I don’t know if many people have read my posts , I kind of jump around – I just started thinking – Whats the best sun screen to use, this has been in the News lately .
What is  SPF= Sun(burn) protection factor, is always on the sunscreen bottles . But, you  know if your olive skinned like me  you can also get sunburned, I think it’s best to get SPF 30 ,  it’s the one most recommend and there is a lot of information on the Internet  about the different SPFs. I’ve heard it said that the hottest time in the morning and afternoon is 10:00 to 4:00 pm , so one should not be out so much during those time unless you have some good protection , not only on you skin but on your eye too: Sunglasses
Well , I could keep rambling on and on .
But, protection is important  – blisters on the skin hurt!
PS: Don’t forget the bottled water
Posted by: Margarita