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“Jam it, Pickle it, Cure It:” A new Arrival

How do we prepare for this new arrivals in our family. Well, this is one of the many experiences of working at the  library- Welcoming the New Arrival!
First, they arrive  in their brown box (UPS), Head Librarian inspects the goods, than books are added to the online catalog (actually a little more complicated than that – Ask our Cataloger ) and given a number (barcode)and then they are given a plastic cover and they take a deep breath and get ready for their presentation, sitting in the backroom (for a short while)  then- finally!  they go to the new book shelf.
Very soon to arrive to that shelf : ” Jam it, pickle it, cure it: And other cooking projects” by Karen Solomon.
This looks like a really good book , I suspect this book will be checked out many, many times. A great book for the weekend experimenter. Has 75 recipes : Homemade Apple butter, Pop Tarts , Smoke trout, Curing Olives (saltwater), Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Potato Chips, Salad Dressing, Candy , Brandy, Watermelon pops and more.
Recipes are very clear and easy for beginners, has practical prep-ahead storage instructions.
So, keep your eyes open to our new book shelf  for a new arrival
Posted by: Margarita