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Legends never die.

In past blogs I’ve written about James Dean, Judy Garland, Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. The fact of the matter is when the public at large like or even love someone they will not let them go. Many celebrities continue earning millions of dollars even after their death. Last year the Michael Jackson estate earned 170 Million dollars, to round out the top three were Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. This week in People magazine there is an article suggesting that Marylin Monroe may have been murdered. This is not a new theory, but the point I want to make is this, this is fifty years later. 2011 also saw a release of My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. We recently added this film to the DVD collection with the help of a generous donor. Here is my plug for the Biography section. Don’t you ever wonder why people are so popular. What made them great. Why not check out a book telling you all about it? Or check out a movie that shows that special something that Marilyn or Elvis had. It won’t cost you a dime. Get in on the mystique.

Posted by Estel.