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Make a Lamp out of Old Books

You can make an attractive table lamp from a stack of old books, as long as you don’t plan to read them again. Here’s how.  All you will need, besides the books, is a lamp kit.  Of course, you can get all the old books you need at the Friends of the Library book sale in September.
The Thrifty Fun website is a good place to look for easy, low-cost craft ideas.
There are lots of home improvement projects on the HGTV website too, including another stack-of-books lamp.
I’ve always kind of wanted one of these, except for two drawbacks.  For one thing, they look like dust catchers to me, and I already have plenty of dusty dust catchers in my home.
And the second thing: What if I want to read one of the books?
Of course, if I see a book I want to read, I can always get it from the library.
Posted by Nancy