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Now what did I come in here for?

I got it all together
Do you ever go into a room to get something, and once there, can’t remember what it was? Do you ever go to the grocery store and forget the one item you expressly went there for? I am assured that this happens to all of us.
If you have these kinds of episodes, the library might just be the place you want to go. We have books on how to improve your memory skills. From Cynthia Green’s Total Memory Workout to 100 simple things you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s and age-related memory loss by Jean Carper. It isn’t only age that affects the memory, there are other factors as well. The single most thing people wish they can remember is -People’s names. Here you will find help for that, as well. So, come in and check it out. 
Posted by, ~Estel