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Olympic Fever

The 2012 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad, began on July 27th in London. The Summer Olympics alternate every two years with the Winter Olympics, so the next Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia in 2014. Did you happen to see the Queen make a truly grand entrance Friday night? She arrived with a certain Bond, James Bond. She was picked up at the palace by Her Majesty’s most loyal secret agent via helicopter. She then parachuted into Olympic Park, looking none the worse for wear in her sparkly pink frock. It was all done with a great sense of fun, and even the Corgis made a cameo. I have been watching Team USA as they strive to bring home the gold. I have seen everything from Swimming and Gymnastics to Water Polo and Table Tennis. To me the Olympics have always been a larger-than-life event. Beginning with the spine-tingling [in a good way] theme Summon the Heroes by John Williams [youtube]

the Olympics have a way of holding us in thrall. There are so many back stories to these athletes, it really is amazing. So many have had to overcome so much in order to compete. At this writing the Medal count lead is tied with China and The United States each holding 18. So I would suggest you get inspired and catch some of the coverage of the XXX Olympiad. Then, when you have been well and truly inspired come and check out some of the cool books we have about former Olympics. Find out about Bob Beamon and a truly magical long jump and how Jesse Owens put Hitler in his place. You can find these Olympic gems underĀ  Dewey number 796.48.

Posted by Estel.