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Swan, by origami master Akira Yoshizawa

I’ve always loved to do origami, and I must not be the only one, because I have noticed that a lot of children ask for origami books. I learned a little bit about the Japanese art of paper-folding when my family lived in Japan many years ago. Most people are familiar with origami paper cranes, but there are many, many other models that can be made—some quite easy, others amazingly complicated.
We have several origami books, some in the juvenile non-fiction and some in adult non-fiction. The call number for most origami books is 736, but a few get in 745.54.  There are also some great websites for learning origami, such as the Origami Resource Center , Origami USA, and Origami Fun.  There are even instructional videos for folding on YouTube and OrigamiVideo.  So give it a try—it’s entertaining and relaxing, and all you need is a piece of paper!
Posted by Nancy, whose favorite thing to fold is a paper balloon.