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Orland Rotary Club makes generous donation to the Library!

Rotary donation 1
City Librarian accepts donation from the Orland Rotary Club members

The Orland Rotary Club donates funds for the purchase of new books in honor of the speakers at their weekly meetings.   These donations have allowed the library to add many new books to the collection.   The Library generally selects books that are relevant to the speaker’s vocation or background and will also be beneficial to the community.
Farms with a Future
One of the books recently purchased in honor of speakers Luke Reimers and Lisa Humphries of the Glenn County Farm Bureau, “Farms With A Future”, actually features a chapter about Massa Organics, which is owned by a Glenn County family.
Farms with Future Massa family
This library book, purchased with funds donated by the Orland Rotary Club in honor of speakers Lisa Humphries  & Luke Reimers, features a chapter about Massa Organics in Glenn County!

Thank you Orland Rotary Club!