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Renaissance man.

Today is Steve Martin’s Birthday. How much do you know about this famous funny man? Did you know his first job was at Disneyland as a tour guide, or that he is a magician and a world class banjo player? He is a man of many talents. He has published many books. Some novels, some humorous, even a children’s book called The Alphabet from A to Y With Bonus Letter Z!  I listened to his autobiography Born standing up and it was really fascinating. I would highly recommend it. I have not even touched on his accomplishments as an actor. In 2009, an article in The Guardian listed Martin as one of the best actors never to receive an Oscar nomination. He has won multiple Grammy awards. Here at the Library we do have many of his books, some of his movies and the aforementioned Book on CD Born Standing Up. So, come by and check it out and Happy Birthday, Steve.
Posted by Estel.