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Room- an unforgettable read.

I first heard of the book Room in a magazine, I think it was either Time, Newsweek or maybe even People. It intrigued me as it made a very loose comparison with the Jaycee Dugard case. The novel Room is told completely from the perspective of a five year old boy. It begins on his fifth birthday. When I first started reading this book I didn’t know if I could, because of the way it was written. But you soon become accostumed to the style and get beyond that. It is truly hard to describe this book in any detail without giving away too much. You find yourself so immersed in the story it is really hard to put down. Hey, you may not have to if you have enough time [it’s not very long]. I do assure you there is a part that you ABSOLUTELY will not be able to put it down. In a way this is a hard book to recommend because of the subject matter, [it’s tough to take]. I will tell you though if you do read it, you will never forget Room.
Posted by Estel