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The Civil War.

Talk about a contradiction in terms. The Civil War. Civil meaning adequate in courtesy and politeness, mannerly. It’s synonyms polite, courteous, gallant, but it also means of or relating to citizens. Hence a civil war. I remember seeing the masterful PBS documentary The Civil War by Ken Burns. I had never seen, heard of felt what this nation had really been through, until that time. It gave me insight and understanding and  made me truly want to know more on the subject. If you have time I would suggest watching this video:[youtube]
Truly moving and inspiring. We do have Ken Burns’ Civil War at the Library. If you have never seen it I highly recommend it. It is roughly 11 hrs and 20 minutes long, and totally worth watching. I have heard it said that any true understanding of America has its  basis in understanding the war between the states. There are countless books and quite a few movies about the Civil War, but I do think this may be the finest film. Come in and check it out.
Posted by Estel