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The end of summer?

Today is September 19th and Fall is nearly here. When the Autumn leaves begin to fall what are your favorite things to do? It is almost time for the “Fall Classic” The World Series. Football is in full swing and our own Orland Trojans are doing absolutely fantastic! If you haven’t gotten to any games you should really try to go. The Friends of the Library are having one of their biannual booksales. It is taking place right now at the St. Dominic’s Parish Hall. You can get fantastic deals and there is a veritable plethora to choose from! The sale runs through Saturday September 24th at Noon. Saturday is the most awesome deal day with the $2.00 a bag deal. As the days get shorter and the evenings longer you never want to run out of things to read. Did you know that this week is National Turn-off your T.V week [September 18-24th]. So if you don’t make it to the Friends sale, or a football game, come in to your favorite neighborhood Library. We will be here to help you find whatever you are in the mood for. Remember Fall starts at 2:05 AM on September 23rd.
Posted by Estel.