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The Library.

“Cutting libraries in recession is like cutting hospitals in a plague”
— Eleanor Crumblehulme
I think that is a quote that is so right on target. We all know our [California’s} budget is in a shambles. We cannot afford to be any less literate. Actually as a Union we aren’t doing that swell. I do hope we are moving in a better direction. What is the Library’s role in the community? Well, we offer knowledge and services at no cost…Where else can you get a deal like that? We not only have informational uses, but entertainment as well. When is the last time you really let a good book sweep you away? Did you know we have thousands of movies? We have seven computers to serve the public and a job search program to help anyone looking for work.I know it’s spring time and Easter is coming up. The weather is getting nice and it’s staying lighter longer. But do make time to let yourself enjoy a good book.
Have a Happy Easter.
Posted by Estel.