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Time to enjoy the surroundings

I’ve always felt very fortunate to be  working  at the library always seeing different people coming in and exploring and discovering  for the first time the insides of this Library
But the one thing I love the most about this library is Library Park- it’s a beautiful and well-kept Park  – thanks to The City of Orland Public works (They cut the lawn , clean the bathroom and pick-up the garbage) and the Friendly Garden Club that has given us a beautiful garden display around Our Orland Library Park Arch, and one of our  side entrances to the Library.
The Library is very well lit at night , Thanks to the Art Commission – We have some very Vintage looking lights and a Gazebo.
This park has many different type of tree, an  interesting one is the Tulip tree or the Magnolia tree – Do you know where those are in the park?  We have many different books on tree identification (582.16) and tree , shrubs & hedges for home landscaping (635.977)
Now that the weather is getting better – not only is it time to enjoy the library (check out new book arrivals)  but its also a good time to enjoy the beauty of Library Park with a good Book in hand
Posted by Margarita