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To Read or to Listen – That is the Question

All you bibliophiles know this one; there are just so many books to read out there and not nearly enough time to read them all! As an avid reader myself I have hit upon a solution to help remedy the time constraints…audio books! Listening to audio books while doing household chores (except vacuuming) makes the work a lot less tedious. When you have a long drive ahead of you listening to a great story can make the trip seem much shorter, although there is a caveat; sometimes when you reach your destination you wind up being at a really good spot in the book and just have to sit in the car until the chapter finishes!
The Orland Free Library has a great collection of audio books to check out. Right now I am listening to “The House of Silk” by Anthony Horowitz and read by Derek Jacobi. Did you know in addition to the audio CD’s  we have in the library, Overdrive has hundreds of titles to download on to your computer, I pod or MP3 player?
There are many choice available at your library, so when you think you don’t have time to sit and read, consider audio books.