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Turtles anyone?

I just read the more interesting article in the Chico paper: 6/24/2010
About turtles, I have never really thought much about them. When I think about adopting an animal , I think about cats or a dog . But you know a turtle doesn’t sound like a bad idea – there are about 250 different types: box, desert, turtle, tortoise. There is a club recently formed : Sacramento turtle & tortoise club- that encourage people to buy wisely, and gives advise on providing your  turtle a good home. But also here at the library -we have an excellent juvenile Non-Fiction area J 598.13 & J639.392  for your kids to find some good books on turtles & turtoise.
And speaking of turtles- and probably a great place to go over a weekend : The Turtle Bay Musuem, I personally have never been there – But I’ve heard  alot of wonderful things about it – Especially their Butterfly exhibit that runs May1-Sept. 26- I should go! 
Posted by: Margarita