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Twinkle, twinkle

Twinkle, twinkle little star- That is one of the wonderful things about the month of December: Christmas lights!- I believe it started in the late 1890’s-1900’s -(Something to check out in a trivia book or online  at  the Library)and to think we used to use candles on the tree (like smokey say’s only you can prevent forest fires,oh I know not funny!)
One thing I enjoy to do in the evenings is walking and especially right now lots of houses right now are put up there Christmas light and there are some pretty spectacular ones and it look like everyday a new one is added – its like looking up at the sky and seeing all the bright stars.
December is such a wonderful month not only for what we celebrate but for what we look forward to – The month is just beginning:  Lights (City christmas tree was just lit last week) Music (Glenn Chorale: Dec.3) More Lights (Avenue of Lights Dec.15-19). 
And don’t forget hot chocolate and apple cider!
Posted by: Margarita