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Virtual Reality at the Orland Free Library!

The Library is participating in state-wide program to introduce virtual reality technology to the public.  The Library received Oculus Rift equipment including a headset, hand controls, and the computer needed to run the software. The program also includes software titles designed to aid in education and learning.

VR setup unboxing
Jake and Jody unboxing the virtual reality equipment

You can find more information about the state-wide program here:
Oculus Rift Pilot Brings Virtual Reality To California Libraries

“We’re early in our understanding of how VR works with education,” Cindy Ball, program manager for Oculus Education …We want to focus on understanding how VR can also have a unique and positive impact on learning.”…
Research groups are focusing on several areas from STEM education to the arts and storytelling. “Our definition of learning is broad. Using VR for drug intervention and situational training is something we are very interested in,” she said….
Libraries have a great opportunity to share technology with the communities they serve, and VR is just a small part of that. Oculus aims to help with that effort. California and now Washington will be the testing ground for this program, but it certainly won’t stop there as interest builds, and VR becomes an integral part of education and other areas of our lives.
“If I had magical powers, I would accelerate and expand the educational programming across libraries, Ball said. “The end-goal is for more people to be inspired, educated and empowered. We’ll get there—I just want to get there faster!”

VR setup 1
Learning how to set up the system

Library staff are currently learning how to set up and use the equipment and we will soon announce dates and times of public programs.
VR setup 3
Jody trys out virtual reality for the first time!

VR setup 4
VR setup 5
Jake explores the International Space Station using virtual reality!