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What Kind of Book Reader Are You?

What kind of reader are you?  Do you read one book straight through until you reach the end, or do you have several going at once, and hop, skip, and jump from book to book?   Do you always start at the beginning, or do you dip into a book here and there? Or do you read the last chapter first to see if you are going to like the end? (I have a friend who does that.)
Maybe you are a Bookophile. Perhaps you are a Cross-Under.  Let’s hope you are not an Anti-Reader, let alone a Book-Buster.
Which category describes your book habits? To find out, read What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Handy Diagnostic Guide.  It’s a fun look at all the different kind of readers that are out there.

As for me, I am a Multi-Tasker (I always have more than one book going),  and sometimes a Delayed Onset Reader #1 (the books stack up and it can take a while to get to them all, if I ever do.) And of course, as a librarian, I am a Bookophile.
Posted by Nancy, who is currently half-way through 4 books, and has many more waiting.