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10 most read Books in the world

10. Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy: by Douglas Adams- in the Science fiction area
9. Diary of Anne Franks: by Anne Franks 949.2 – Y949.2
8. Think and grow rich : by Napoleon Hill first published in 1937 wrote book after a suggestion by Andrew Carnagie
7. Gone with the wind: by Margret Mitchell- in Adult fiction
6. Twilight: Stephanie Meyer – in the young adult section of the library
5. The Da Vinci code: Dan Brown – in Adult fiction
4. Lord of the rings: by J.R.R. Tolkien – in Adult fiction & Young adult fiction
3. Harry Potter By J.K.Rowling in Juvenile section of the Library
2. Quotations from the works of Mao-Tse-tung or more commonly known as the “Little Red Book”
1. The Bible 220.3-220.52
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Posted by: Margarita