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6 more weeks of Winter

On Thursday Feb. 2. : Punxsutatawney Phil-( yes, that his name) saw his shadow – which means 6 more weeks of winter.
Phil is pretty important Marmot( Check that out in your dictionary) : Feb 2 : “Groundhog day” and he’s said to be “pretty darn accurate” : Punxstawney Phil, the seer of Seers, the prognosticator of all prognnosticators.
Phil’s legend goes back to Germany, and some of Pennsylvania’s earliset settlers were German and in Pennsylvania there is a large population of groundhogs. A groundhog is also called a woodchuck, it weighs about 12 lbs and is about 20 inches long, and also is a Vegetarian eating greens, fruit and veggies and drinking very little water.
Phil starts his hibernation (for them deep sleep is like being in a coma -they hardly have a heartbeat) in the month of October in a temporary home 2 milles east of Punxsutawney.
But for me , the reason Phil is so interesting  – is that he lives most of the time – in a temperture controlled space next to the Children’s section of the Punxsutawney Memorial Library with his “wife” Phyllis.
Libraries do have the more interesting subject in there collection- It never hurts to check our Library to see whats in our collection.
Posted by Margarita