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A historical crime that continues to fascinate.

March 1st brings the anniversary of an event that continues to fascinate the American people.  In 1932 The Lindbergh Baby was kidnapped. This event has dark clouds of doubt associated with it.  Quite a while back I read the book Lindbergh the Crime by Noel Behn found in the 364.154 [true crime] section of the Library. We, the general public at this time, have to remember the context of the situation. It is horrible for any child to be kidnapped. But this was made more sensational by the fact that Charles Lindbergh was a national hero. The first man to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1927. An amazing feat at the time. The book I read casts much doubt on the idea that Bruno Hauptmann was the kidnapper. It was known as “The crime of the century” at the time.  If you are unfamiliar with the story, .you might want to check things out. It is very sad, but very interesting. The evidence and intense public pressure were enough to convict Hauptmann and he was electrocuted in 1935. In the aftermath of the crime—the most notorious of the 1930s—kidnapping was made a federal offense.
Posted by Estel