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Cinco de Mayo??

It’s funny to me – growing up in a Traditional Mexican family ( Both my parent immigrated to Glenn Co. in  1939 and the other in 1948) – Neither of them  mentioned Cinco de Mayo .  Now I did hear about Septiembre 14, 15, 16 days of celebration : Sept 16 : El Grito : the yell of Independence . This is considered Mexican Independence Day.
What is Cinco de Mayo: The Battle of Puebla, the Mexican defeated the French, but the following year the French defeated the Mexicans  and Maximilian became the Emperor of Mexico – Is this a reason to celebrate ?
In Mexico, they have  labor laws and May 5th is not a holiday. Many American especially young college students celebrate by drinking beer and tequila and wear sombreros ( I guess they think that’s very patriotic) (stereotype)
Well, even after writing this blog and looking around this town I don’t see any celebration or anyone saying anything.
I dont know what else to say , maybe they should rename it to:  May 5th American Beer fest! 
Posted by: Margarita (I know what you thinking)