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Cool things to do with pumpkin guts!

Hey, what do I do with all that stringy and seeded stuff :

  • How about roasting the seeds: add seeds to an oiled baking sheet sprinkle with salt or chili powder and cumin or cinnamon & sugar
  • Kid’s toys: Kids love slime and this is Organic slime!
  • Bird food: Pumpkin meat and seeds has nutritional value for birds.

And last (I’m sure there’s more) Use guts to make an ever popular: I have an upset stomach and I can’t keep it in Pumpkin !
To look at some great examples of this and others,  come and check out the Library’s Digital Frame (at the front desk)
The Library just had its 1st ever Pumpkin Carving contest : Check out the Pumpkins!!
Posted by Margarita