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One world, Many wonders

Definitely a “World” thing happening in the Orland Library Blog this week:
I mean whats happening around here a Tornado at Table Mountain  (Oroville)and around  Ord bend (Glenn Co.). I was having a conversation with my mother earlier in the week and she said maybe we might have  a tornado around here and I told her- Oh,no.
A Tornado is also known as a Twister or Cyclone.
 Did you know that there are many different types of Tornadoes?  (I didn’t know that)  To name a few:
Steam Devil: a weak whirlwind, Can be seen at the hot springs in Yellowstone National Park  -Remember that on your next Vacation.
Fire Whirl: They are fire tornadoes that come out of wildfires specially if there’s a good wind in the area.
Dust Devil: A strong well-formed whirlwind is usually small and harmless, I believe most people have seen these.
Gustnado:  A short-lived form with severe thunderstorms looks a lot like a tornado. (Whats the difference?)
There are so many different types and here at  The House of Knowledge (Library) we have books on the Weather and Tornadoes (551.553)
I guess you never know? (lets hope not!) But its good to be informed
Posted by: Margarita