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Getting back to the classics.

There are new books out there every week. But there is something to be said for the classics. These stories have stood the test of time. Almost becoming members of our families One such of these for me is -A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -this is a novel by Betty Smith. It is primarily about Francie Nolan and her family. Living in turn-of-the-century Brooklyn (of course) Her mother who works hard day in and day out, and is a pragmatist. Her father -her hero, who takes what jobs he can get. ImageHe is a singer and an alcoholic- who is the dreamer. To round out this family is Neelie, Francie’s younger brother. I love this book so much. You always know a good book when you get to the end and just wish it could keep going and going. I have given it as a gift over and over. It was also made into a wonderful film with Peggy Ann Garner playing Francie. Dorothy McGuire plays her mother. James Dunn is her father and Joan Blondell is unforgettable as her aunt.

Posted by  ~Estel