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Glenn County Libraries and Summer Schools Collaborate

Children watch as Ruby’s basket is taken away by a menacing lizard.

This summer the Orland Free Library and the Willows Public Library got together with the Glenn County Office of Education to enhance children’s summer school experience. Funded by the Packard Foundation, the summer school program was called “Camp Success” and was organized like a summer camp.  Regular visits to the libraries and participation in the  Summer Reading Program gave kids a boost on reading over the summer months.
The elephant asks the wolf a riddle.

For more summertime fun, librarians took a puppet show to school for classes to enjoy.  The show was Ruby:  A Mouse’s Journey to Grandmother’s House. This traveling puppet show in a box was supplied by the NorthNet Library System.  A Riddle Time puppet laugh fest preceded the main attraction.
The Library Puppet Players presented the show four times: at the Orland Library and Camp Success in Orland on July 12th, and at the Willows Library and Camp Success in Willows on July 19th.  All the kids in attendance enjoyed the puppets’ antics, laughing at the jokes and clapping along to the music.
Library Puppet Players: Morgan Mitchell (teen volunteer), Nancy Leek (Orland Youth Services Librarian). Lollie Knight (Willows Youth Services Librarian).