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Happy Independence Day!

flagbooks  Happy 4th of July from your friends at the Orland Free Library!
If you have a moment to spare from eating hot dogs and watermelon, watching the parade and listening to the band, and waving Old Glory and setting off fireworks, try this online quiz by trivia champ Ken Jennings about American history and culture. It’s called America 101, but it’s not easy!
Here’s a sample question from the quiz:

Sequoyah is a hero of the Cherokee people because in  1821 he gave them what?

A. a decisive victory over the U.S. cavalry

B. An elected government

C.  A major land grant

D.  A written language

Give it a try and find out if you too are an all-American trivia champion.

Posted by Nancy, who wants to hear a band play The Stars and Stripes Forever.