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How to protect your Library and its Books

How to Handle books with Care

  • Handle books with clean hands
  • Do not write or highlight in book
  • Use bookmarks. Folded corners can ruin books. Laying a book face down will weak and crack its spine. Book marks are available free at the circulation desk.

How to Remove Books from Shelves

  • Use two hands to remove books from shelves, to avoid dropping
  • To remove a book , push forward  the books on either side of the one you want. Grasp the book near the middle of the spine and remove gently. 
  • be careful when removing oversize books, they can be heavy
  • Do not reshelve books. bring them up to the front desk . They will be reshelved by staff

How to handle visual Materials

  • Handle CDS and DVDs by their edges
  • Keep materials away heat and extreme cold

How to check out Damaged Books

  • When checking out a damaged book , alert staff to damage
  • Do not try to repair book yourself. Attempting to mend book using scotch tape will cause damage to book
  • Bring a damaged book to the front desk, even if you are not checking it out , Library has trained staff to repair books.

How to prevent theft

  • If you witness the theft of a library materials , notify a staff member. Theft of a library material is a crime

How to prevent a Disaster

  • Report all signs of smoke or fire to library staff
  • Report sparks of electrical fixtures
  • Report leaking pipes
  • Avoid eating and drinking when using library materials

Remember library books are a shared resource
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  • Property Management Orlando
    Posted August 22, 2011 2:45 pm 0Likes

    If we are to keep the books clean it may make sense to have hand cleaners near by.

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