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Just a few thoughts about July

Here we are in July ! It’s a little warm for me
July is an interesting month, it was named after Julius Caesar even through it was not its original name , it wasn’t the 7th month but the 5th month –  a good research and trivia question. July’s flower is the larkspur or the waterlily. Its birthstone is Ruby.
The term Dog days of summer begins in July. July is also Independence day for many other countries:
July 1st: Somalia
July 4th: United States
July 5th : Venezuela
July 9th: Argentina
July: 20th: Colombia
July 28th: Peru                     There is a longer list (another good research topic) But on one last note on the month of July did you know that it is:
National Ice Cream Month, it was designated in July of 1984 by  a certain President ( A trivia question) for the 3rd Sunday in July. If you read or get a copy of June 29, 2011 Sacramento Bee you will see an article: “Frozen Fun” it  has a couple of good recipes on how to make homemade popsicles: One that sounds good is Peaches and Cream pops made with yogurt and peaches and Malted Milk ball pops , just something to do on a hot summer day indoors and enjoying something cool, creamy, outside on a hot summer day (I think I’m ready for a bowl of ice cream)
Posted by: Margarita