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Lessons From the Recession: Public Libraries are a Good and Free Thing

Came across this article on by Ann Brenoff titled Lessons From the Recession: 10 Things We Learned in 2010.  The second item on her list talks about public libraries:

2. Public Libraries Are a Good and Free Thing
They have free books, free video rentals and free interesting lectures and programs. They have free programs for toddlers, children and seniors. And probably most important in this recession, they have free computers for you to use and really smart people working there who can help you update your resumé — again, for free. People who work in public libraries are extremely nice individuals who speak in very quiet, gentle voices and seem to genuinely enjoy helping others. Why didn’t the government bail them out instead of the Big Banks or let the librarians run the loan modification programs?
Libraries reported a 65% increase in attendance in 2009 and no doubt will report even greater patronage in 2010. And yet local governments see the gentle-voiced librarians as the place to wield their budget-cutting axe. Libraries across the country have had to reduce staff and hours, and have less money to spend on those computers. The American Library Association called it a “perfect storm” brewing of increased public need and decreased funding.

The Orland Library offers all of the things mentioned in this article- free books, free movies and free programs.  We also have laptops and online services that can help you find a job or improve your skills and we are always happy to help.  Stop by and check out out all of the great things we have to offer.
Posted by Jody Meza, City Librarian