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Momentous week.

Beginning last week the world has seen everything. The truly devastating disasters to hit several states caused by enormous tornadoes. With massive loss of lives and whole blocks leveled. A tragedy that nothing could prevent. Then last Friday the world got an uplift with the joyous union of Prince William and Catherine, now the Duchess of Cambridge. It was an awesome, spectacular event. Sunday saw the beautification of Pope Paul II, surely one of the most beloved pontiffs ever. Then Sunday evening the startling revelation that Osama Bin Laden had finally been caught and killed. Many have spoken of delayed justice finally served. Surely if you remember that Tuesday morning on September 11th, 2001 you cannot help but feel some kind of sense of gladness. That at last, the Boogeyman had been slain. I have conflicting emotions. I was moved to tears that finally Bin Laden has been wiped out. Then I wondered what kind of person am I, that I can feel joy on someone’s death? We have a lot of material covering 9/11.  Right off hand the DVDs I could think of are: Fahrenheit 911, 9/11, Twin Towers, Parallel Lines, The Hamburg Cell, On Native Soil and The Guys. If you want further information on these DVDs I would suggest visiting IMDB [The Internet Movie Data Base] or Our catalog is down at the moment. We do have current publications of all kinds of magazines if you want to read up on all the goings on of The Royal Wedding as well.
Posted by Estel