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One way to get ready for Spring

I just started thinking about eggs- must be the season. I remember when I was a kid in grade school our teacher used to ask us to bring 2 to 3 hard-boiled eggs in the month of March or April  for our Easter basket, which was a small paper bag with fake grass.
I’ve just been reading up on the tradition of coloring eggs . It is  said, that the Persians and the ancient Egyptians exchanged colored eggs to celebrate the return of spring/token of goodwill. The Greeks used colored eggs as a symbol of fertility in their spring festivals.
 The first known egg dyeing in the U.S. was done by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the early 1700’s, they used natural dyes : Onion skin, beets, cranberries, red cabbage leaves- there are a number of natural dye recipes online.
There are also a couple of  egg coloring processes out there, other than just dipping them into red food coloring. One of my favorite is tye -dye: Cool a hard-boiled egg and place it in a colander in the sink. Then splashing  it (egg)with vinegar and color (food coloring) and keep doing this with different colors and then you have a tye-dye egg. Another interesting method (there are quite a lot of them) is to dilute craft glue in a bowl, then roll the hard-boiled egg in glue then in a small frozen dinner container roll the egg in glitter – it like you have a Disco ball.
But anyway we have a couple of books :
Decorating eggs: 745.594P
Easter eggs by the dozen!: J743.594J
Here is something fun and different to do on nice spring weekend (I don’t know if many people color eggs anymore -Do you? or Do you know?- )
Posted by : Margarita