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Princess Visits Library

Storytime on Wednesday, March 20 was graced by the presence of a princess, Miss Stacey Bettencourt, Glenn County Dairy Queen alternate. The children were thrilled to have a princess in their midst. With her sparkling tiara, sash, and cowboy boots, it was easy to tell that she was a real princess.

Princess Stacey helped Buffy the Hen lay her colorful eggs, read a book along with Miss Nancy, helped out with the craft, and got up and danced along to Shake My Sillies. Image

Of course, wherever princesses go, the paparazzi follow. A news reporter and cameraman from KHSL-TV Channel 12 were on hand to film the storytime and interview Princess Stacey. We were on the news!

We are grateful to the Glenn County Farm Bureau for bringing the princess, providing the books and the craft, and giving each child a bag full of free items promoting California agriculture and reminding us to drink Real California Milk. Thank you Stacey, Lisa, Sarah and Betsy!