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Remember your your liitle furry friends

It seems to be the season for pretty plants around the house , and making wreaths out of holly, and putting potted poinsettia around the house and hanging mistletoe, and a Christmas tree with large and small decorations.
But wait a minute, what about those cats – those playful-mischievous little critters, that like to chew tinsel ( bad for their throat – I can’t breathe!) Well, there are some Christmas plants that are considered to be poisonous – Here are a few:

  • Mistletoe: Some mistletoe have little white berries on them, that can cause breathing problems on your cat , vomiting … Get help!!
  • Poinsettia: Leaves, stem and flowers (The whole plant) is mildly toxic
  • Holly: Red berries are poisonous
  • Amaryllis: Those pretty little boxes are in Stores right now and make great indoor flower gifts, But the flower is very toxic for cats causing tremors and vomiting -Get help quick!

Here at the library we have a great plant section on indoor/outdoor plants 635.-635.967 – There are also some outdoor Bulbs that are considered dangerous for Cats and Dogs, and are discussed in these books.
So as you’re getting ready for Christmas -Don’t forget about Pet Safety
Posted by: Margarita