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Still kickin’ after all these years

Not dead yet!  That’s what a report by the Pew Research Center says about libraries. They surveyed 2252 Americans and found out that 60% of respondents have used their library in the lsat 12 months, and 91% say that libraries are important to their communities.
Libraries in America are alive and well. Just like everyone else, they have to deal with budget crunches and changing technology, but they are a vital part of the community. People see the library as a community center and a place to make connections, and they particularly value the contribution that libraries make to children’s education and well-being.
Communities are diverse, and libraries are diverse too. It’s not just all about books anymore, although books are still the #1 reason people go to a library. Libraries offer free computer access, a copy machine, children’s programs, and tutoring space.
Soon the Orland Free Library will be offering another great service to the community—a meeting room that will be available to community groups. Look for it this summer!
Posted by Nancy, who already has plans for that meeting room.