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They’re Baaack!

It’s spring and the birds are coming back! As the weather get’s warmer our feathered friends are returning. Just driving along I-5 or 99W take  a look along the road and you will see lot’s of red-winged blackbirds as they hunt for material for their nests and get on with the task of finding a mate. Out at Black Butte Lake,  there are 3 pairs of Ospreys settling back in again on their nests ready to start a new brood for the year. 
Your library has many books on birds for you to enjoy. Call number 598.297 is where you’ll find the field identification books, which definitely come in handy when you are trying to distinguish the details on the fly (pun intended!).  I can highly recommend the book “Return of the Osprey” by David Gessner.  (Call #598.93G) Over the course of the nesting season – March until September – he immerses himself in studying four pairs of Osprey as they go about their day-to-day living. We also have some great books about attracting birds to your backyard, such as “Attracting Backyard Birds” and the Audubon Society’s “The Bird Garden” and “North American Birdfeeder Handbook”. (Call# 598.072) I know it’s time to clean up the birdfeeders and set out some seeds to attract these wonderful creatures for a little bit of wildness in my backyard!