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Walking: Make it part of your lifestyle!

Walking is very enjoyable , relaxing and good for your health
Believe it or not! –  I don’t even know how to start a car- I’m not kidding! I guess I don’t know what I’m missing (car payments, insurance, mechanic, gas….)  Being behind a car wheel has always scared me – there’s  a  lot of responsibility . You must always remember when you drive  there are pedestrians on the road, who do have the right of way on the crosswalk!  Okay, let’s get back to our  topic.
 We are very fortunate in this community to have wide streets for walking,  bike riding and a pretty good bus service (Glenn Ride)  Walking is fun, easy and great exercise- Some people think you can’t burn enough body bulk  unless you join a gym.
Well, Think about it:  If you do about 30 minutes of walking you can probably burn off about 150 or more  depending on your walking speed or in  5 days you will burn about  750 calories-  Hey!, Is this true?
Well, the weather is going to get good and warm and  an evening stroll around Library park sounds pretty good–We’ll open evenings: T-Th: 11-7pm.
We have  good collection of  fitness books one is “Fitness walking  for Dummies and “Rockports complete book of exercise walking” most of our exerise book are located,  beginning at the 613.7 section of our library
So get your walking shoes on and we’ll see ya around the Library!
Posted by: Margarita