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Think warm

I don’t know about you – but “It’s cold outside!!
The last couple of mornings,  I’ve been having hot chocolate , but how about mint coffee or spiced chocolate espresso or a cup of mexican hot chocolate  or  for the non coffee drinker- Hot green tea: I found a recipe in one of our green tea books (641.637: New tastes in green tea) Green tea Viennese: the recipe uses honey and whipping cream.
I discover we have a few juicing book – if your planning on getting a Juicer for Christmas , we have some book for you to look at.
Also if you want to keep the house smelling warm and nice, don’t forget about the cookies (641.865) ginger snaps, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, (Hey, you could make homemade cookie ornaments – I sure we have a recipe)
Don’t forget the candy cane – It will sit well with the hot chocolate and marshmallows
Posted by Margarita