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Tulips to Lilies

Hey, it been awhile since I’ve posted – I’m still in March, I better start writing -I want to be in the month of  April
 At the end of March- it was a great time to be tip toeing through the tulips, as they are coming out  . Here we are April 8th – Its cold , but the tulips are still coming out and  it’s still a great time to plant Lilies.
Did you know there are many different types of Lilies:
Asiatic: With very colorful blooms
Oriental: Very sweet-smelling
Tiger: Orange blooms with dark spots
Trumpet: Tall related to the Easter Lily
Calla Lilly… But then I started thinking what about the Day lily? also called Hemerocallis meaning -“day and beauty”. The blooms last for one day, but the plant keeps blooming throughout the season.
And you know – if you would like to know more about what Margarita is  rambling (writing) about – Just go to the bulb section of the Library 935.933 and have fun discovering the world of the “Lily” – meaning “Forever in Love” (I think I have spring fever, even in this cold weather)
Posted by: Margarita

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