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Variety, the spice of life!

I have chronicled [and confessed] my fascination with true crime books. Well, I have to tell you I really like to mix it up. I like to, and I need to. Believe me, after you read about serial killers and other criminal elements you need a little light reading. What I really love to read after these type books are juvenile or young adult novels. I have mentioned many times my love of the C.S. Lewis Narnia series, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned The Great Brain. The Great Brain series is a series of books written by John D. Fitzgerald. It takes place  in and around  the fictitious town of Adenville, Utah in the late 1800’s. John D is the narrator and story teller, the stories center around his brother Tom. Tom is the Great Brain always out to make a buck and swindle someone away from their money. These books are just great fun.
Titles in chronological order are:
The Great Brain (1967)
More Adventures of the Great Brain (1969)
Me and My Little Brain (1971)
The Great Brain At The Academy (1972)
The Great Brain Reforms (1973)
The Return of the Great Brain (1974)
The Great Brain Does It Again (1976)
The Great Brain Is Back (Published in 1995 from loose notes after the author’s death)
The author also wrote some non-juvenile books Papa married a Mormon and Mama’s boarding house.
It doesn’t matter if you are nine or ninety-nine. I will lay you even money that you will be entranced by the adventures of The Great Brain.
Posted by Estel